AK 47 AAA Hybrid

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  • AK 47 AAA Hybrid


    Strain Name: AK 47

    Grade: B+

    Type: Hybrid Sativa Dominant

    Looks:Very fluffy and sticky. Hint of lime green with hairs spread thoroughly throughout the bud. Crystals very uniform looking on the inside. Crystals caked near stem of the bud.

    Smell: Very piney. Almost like walking through a forest

    Taste: Taste like the smell with a very subtle hint of sweetness.

    Effects: I found myself very giggly and care-free. More sociable than usual.

    Potency: (AK4)7/10 Buzz length is about 1 – 2 hours with a very relaxed and sleepy comedown. contact

    Good Strain For:Letting loose, Getting shit done, Laughing, Listening to music, Mild pain, Sleeping.

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