california dispensaries

California dispensaries
Forget Colorado, and nevermind the Netherlands: California is truly the world’s kush kingdom. Countless cannabis strains have been crossbred to perfection in California soil, and many of the nation’s top ganjapreneurs claim their roots in the Golden State as well. Adding to the “every day is 4/20” credo is the fact that the adult use of marijuana is fully legal, making the dream of going into a shop and buying dank-as-hell weed without feeling the stigma of criminalization a reality. So, in a state where you can practically buy marijuana products basically everywhere, what are the spots to look out for? Where can you pick up the highest quality greens, the dankest nugs, the stickiest of the icky, no matter which part of the state you’re in? Let’s work our way down the coast from top to bottom, calling out 20 dispensaries that’ll be your best stops for top-shelf cannabis in California.california dispensaries
Much like the geology of Napa Valley is perfect for winemaking, the rich soil and Mediterranean climate of the Emerald Triangle — the cross-section of Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity Counties — is ideal for cannabis. With plants that can reach in excess of 15 feet high, great weed is never in short supply, as long as you don’t let a certain scary Netflix docu-series frighten you off from visiting this mecca. There’s not a more quaint dispensary in the state than One Log Tree House, built into a giant fallen Redwood and right on site at the Mateel Community Center which hosts the annual Reggae on the River festival. Pick out a selection of flower curated by master grower Kevin Jodrey from Wonderland Nursery, and then endeavor to spend a day floating down the Eel River.california dispensaries

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