Can you order medical marijuanas online

Can you order medical marijuanas online can you order medical marijuanas online
We now offer specialty certifications that cover all facets of the Cannabis Industry. PJRFSI has created new Cannabis programs based on our successful food, agricultural, and pharmaceutical safety certifications. Whether you are growing/harvesting, producing/extracting, or creating MIP’s (Marijuana Infused Products), we have resources for you that are streamlined and effective. PJRFSI Cannabis certification program is based on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and are State specific.

“We found the virtual assessment program from PJRFSI went really well. They were able to get a good look remotely at what we do and I felt like our auditor Lauren was in the room with us the whole time. It ended up being a huge positive for us because we were able to stay on track for our GMP and Good Agricultural Practices goals. Even though it was remote, everything was reviewed and we felt like we had a quality audit process. I would recommend this approach to other folks in the Cannabis and Hemp space until travel opportunities open up.”

Christopher Strada
Director of Cultivation – MedPharm Holdings, Colorado

PJRFSI CannabisWhy use PJRFSI for your Cannabis Program? We are part of a family of companies that has worked with Cannabis Testing Lab Accreditation for years. PJRFSI has already worked with numerous producers to develop custom cannabis quality audits. These will help ensure your products are developed in a safe and also regulatory compliant environment. We have provided input to numerous states during the implementation of their programs. Let our experience be your first resource.

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    Sometimes you need to stop for a minute and enjoy the best things in life like a big old bag of deliciously-trademarked cookies filled with cream – you know which ones I’m talking about. If you’re looking for a strain pairing with your tasty treats, why not compliment them with some cookies and cream strain?cookies and cream strain is a sinfully sweet hybrid strain that is not only the perfect accoutrement to sweets, but also has enough power in the THC department to leave you slack-jawed staring at the sky. What makescookies and cream strain pack such a wallop? It’s genetics time. Cookies & Cream is the child strain of Starfighter and Mystery Cookies. Starfighter is a pretty cut and dry (then burn) strain, with a very easily recognizable lineage behind its indica-dominant genetics. The direct parents are Tahoe Alien and Lemon Alien Dawg. One step further back on

    strains for parents, how could you ask for a better name? As its Lemon Alien Dawg parent would imply, there is also a line of Chem Dawg in its past, which is part of what gives cookies and cream strain the funk in its smell. Thanks to the Kush family inheritance, Starfighter is a primarily indica strain and is a very effective nighttime smoke. The other side of Cookies & Cream is shrouded in mystery as the name Mystery Cookies would imply. The internet usually knows just about everything when it comes to strain research time, but with Mystery Cookies, everyone everywhere seems to be clueless. What little is known about Mystery Cookies is that the strain in some way is an offshoot of Girl Scout Cookies, and that genetically the strain is a hybrid that leans sativa. Since Mystery Cookies is an offshoot of Girl Scout Cookies, it’s a safe bet that there is a good amount of Kush in their background genetics as well, making cookies and cream strain

    a very Kush heavy strain

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